June 14, 2024

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Still Standing: How to Stay Motivated During a Job-Search Slump
It seems like you've done the necessary preparation. You've researched prospective employers, updated your resume and cover letter, replied to numerous job posts, and maybe even gone on a few interviews. So why, you may ask yourself, haven't you landed the right job?

Making Every Penny Count: Tips for Gaining Financial Freedom
Whether you are preparing to complete law school or have recently graduated, or even if you are an experienced legal professional working hard to advance your career, nothing is quite as gratifying as the feeling of having financial freedom.

In the Hot Seat: Climate Change Law is an Exciting and Growing Practice Area
In recent months, the hot-button issue of global warming has fueled growing debate among countless media figures, political pundits, and activist groups. In addition to serving as the source of highly charged conversations, this subject is emerging as the basis for an exciting and expanding practice area in the legal sector.

Rise Above It All: Tips for Succeeding in a Competitive Job Market
Whether you have just completed law school or are an experienced attorney looking to make a transition in your legal career, there’s no denying that finding the right opportunity can be challenging. In addition, the search for the best position can become even more difficult in an increasingly competitive job market.

Hitting the Road: Exploring the Options for Working Abroad
As the global marketplace continues to grow, so do the opportunities to expand your professional and personal experience by working in another country. For attorneys contemplating transitions to firms or companies located abroad, there are undoubtedly many important factors to consider before embarking on a potentially exciting and enriching career move.

For Love or Money: Does It Pay to Work in the Public Sector?
It's a dilemma that can strike at the heart (and pocketbook) of any legal professional who is considering working in the public sector: Do the benefits of following a more altruistic career path outweigh the potential downsides of earning less than those in private practice? Besides income, what are the other important factors to weigh before deciding between these two markedly different professional worlds?

In-Between Days: Making the Most of a Job Transition
Surviving the transition between jobs can present numerous challenges. Whether you're looking to advance within your current profession or forging an entirely new career path, the days between your old and new job can be full of uncertainty. Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of this busy and potentially beneficial time.