April 13, 2024

Frequently Ask Questions

How does Legal Authority Financial work?
As part of Legal Authority's commitment to provide all legal professionals with the best opportunities to advance their careers and find the right jobs, we're pleased to offer flexible financing options through Legal Authority Financial. Qualified customers are eligible to receive financing on their Legal Authority orders.

How do I qualify for the Legal Authority Financial financing options?
Legal Authority Financial offers financing options for eligible clients with Legal Authority orders of $500 or more.

What kind of payment schedule can I expect?
The experienced representatives at Legal Authority Financial work to create payment schedules that accommodate our clients' budgets. Payments start as low as $20 per month!

When is my payment due?
No payments are required within the first 180 days of placing an order with Legal Authority. After that, payments are due each month until your balance is paid off.

How do I make a payment?
Legal Authority Financial accepts payments via e-check, credit card, and by check, which can be mailed to our offices. Payments can be made over the phone by contacting Legal Authority Financial.

What about finance charges?
As another special offer, we will waive your finance charges if you pay off your balance within the first 180 days.

How long does it take to register with Legal Authority Financial?
Legal Authority Financial is a fast and easy-to-use service. Click here to submit your application online and begin the convenient sign-up process.

What about the credit approval process?
After Legal Authority Financial completes a credit check, you will be notified within one business day.

How will I know if my financial application has been received?
Once you submit your financial application, a Legal Authority Financial representative will contact you within two business days.

Can I afford to use Legal Authority Financial if I'm a law student?
Legal Authority Financial understands the unique financial considerations of law students. For our customers who are enrolled at least part-time in law school, no payments are required for 180 days or until graduation, whichever is longer.

How do I update my information?
To update your personal information, or to ask questions, you can always call our customer service representatives, 24-hours a day at 800-283-3860. You can also contact your Attorney Employment Advocate with any questions or requests to update your information.

Can Legal Authority Financial really help my job search?
Legal Authority Financial will help you enjoy the superior job-search benefits of Legal Authority, including the assistance of highly qualified specialists who will help you identify your career goals, create an exceptional resume, and target the right employers.

Can I trust the experts at Legal Authority with my job search?
Since our highly qualified experts focus solely on the legal job market, they know the hiring needs of prospective employers, including leading law firms and companies. Legal Authority's experienced Attorney Employment Advocates offer first-rate career guidance. These experts create targeted lists of prospective employers, from all sectors of the legal industry, based on your job-search requirements. In addition, Legal Authority's writing specialists work with you to create a top-notch resume and customized cover letters for potential employers on your list.

How do targeted mailing lists work?
Legal Authority's targeted mailing lists are carefully compiled by experts who are solely focused on knowing the latest news, information, and trends shaping the legal job market. They combine their thorough understanding of the market with your job-search needs, including the specific geographic locations and practices areas you are interested in, to create customized lists of employers that meet your career goals. In addition, Legal Authority's dedicated research team works tirelessly to ensure the contact information for all employers in our database is current.

Are the lists really effective?
Legal Authority's targeted mailing lists are based on the individual requirements of each client, resulting in a more efficient, personalized job-search tool. Our experts are committed to getting each client's expertly crafted resume and cover letter into the right hands. By using our targeted lists, you can be confident that your materials are reaching the kind of legal employers you want to work for.

Can't I search for a job on my own?
Of course you can peruse various online job boards, contact numerous legal recruiters, and search through countless classified listings on your own, but this time consuming process is often confusing and may not yield the best results. As a member of Legal Authority, you can trust our experts to provide you with a more efficient and effective job search. From our skilled Employment Advocates and resume writers, to our database of more than 750,000 prospective employers, Legal Authority and Legal Authority Financial are committed to maximizing your job search and accommodating your budget.

Will Legal Authority Financial keep my information private?
At Legal Authority and Legal Authority Financial we are committed to protecting our clients' privacy. When you register for our services, you can trust that we will never sell your personal information, including your email address, to any third parties. In addition, we will never share any information relating to your employment situation, including with any third parties. Please be aware, Legal Authority may share your information with our affiliate companies as described in our Privacy Policy available here.

How many people have found a job with Legal Authority?
Together with its affiliates, Legal Authority has helped more than 10,000 attorneys a year find jobs!

What if I don't find a job with Legal Authority?
While no job search-tool is completely guaranteed, your chances of finding the right opportunity are greatly increased with the help of Legal Authority's expert services. Since we're strictly focused on helping legal professionals advance their careers, we know what employers are looking for. In addition, we're so sure that our service is the right way to get attorneys jobs, we make the following promise: if you don't get a job within 90 days of using our service, we will give you up to 200 additional free contacts.